Healthcare Degrees at Bowie State


Find Your Future Healthcare Career

Bowie State University offers several pathways to a rewarding career in a wide spectrum of healthcare fields. Our expert faculty prepare students for success with excellent hands-on experience in the region’s top healthcare settings and research laboratories. Our state-of-the-art Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing provides students with access to the latest equipment in specialized laboratories and a nursing simulation wing. Here are a few of our bachelor’s degree programs in today’s most in-demand and emerging fields:



    A multidisciplinary field linking biology, computer science, chemistry and mathematics, the bioinformatics bachelor’s degree program teaches students hands-on skills in research and applied science. Graduates from this exciting degree program are primed for careers developing vaccines, understanding genetic diseases and researching clinical treatments.



    A bachelor’s degree in biology from Bowie State prepares students for diverse careers in healthcare or research, as well as graduate study. Graduates find success as pharmacists, physicians, research technicians and dentists.



    Students in the chemistry degree program use their skills in research to uncover innovative solutions in healthcare and science. They graduate ready to enter careers in a variety of fields, such as pharmacology, immunology and biochemistry.



    Nursing majors at Bowie State learn the critical skills to deliver the most effective patient care under the guidance of skilled nursing faculty and in clinical internships. Graduates join the ranks of Bowie State alumni who work as emergency nurses, nurse practitioners and pediatric nurses.